Friday, May 30, 2014


by Karen, 

A post even quicker than Day 6 as I am still in the middle of packing ... 

Day 7 sees the third round of the bottom half of the draw.  There are some intriguing match ups on this side and it will be interesting to see who makes it to the second week.  As is the norm, Spin's Picks are in brackets. 

Kvitova v. Kuznetsova (this can either be a long drawn out affair or a blow out) (Kvitova) 
Safarova v. Ivanovic (again, can either be long and drawn out or a blow out) (Safarova)
Stephens v. Makarova (Makarova)
Torro-Flor v. Halep (Halep) 
Glushko v. Errani (how good is Julia Glushko?, I have no idea as I have not seen any of her matches so I am going with (Errani) in this one
Soler-Espinosa v Bertens (Soler-Espinosa)
Petkovic v. Mladenovic (she has been battling all tournament long, why not to the second week (Mladenovic) 

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Diane said...

I think Petra in 3. And I kind of like Lucie for it, too.